Facility Membership

Open to all Ambulatory Surgical Centers licensed by and located in the State of Indiana. Each ASC IFASC Member is entitled to TWO representatives who will receive mailings, one of whom will be designated to vote in IFASC elections and other matters of business. All employees of the member Center qualify for reduced-fee educational program registration.

Annual Membership Dues: $775

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Associate Membership

Annual Dues:  $450.00

Any person or facility that is interested in ambulatory outpatient surgical centers and is not eligible for voting membership shall be eligible to become an Associate of the Corporation. Associates will receive all mailings and are eligible for reduced conference registration fees.

Such persons shall become Associates in one (1) of the following categories as determined by the Board of Directors: 

Associate-Allied Organization

Those entities eligible to become Associates of the Corporation that do not qualify for the Associate-Vendor category but which are interested in ambulatory outpatient surgical centers. 


Those individuals eligible to become Associates of the Corporation who do not qualify for the Associate-Vendor category but who are interested in ambulatory outpatient surgical centers. 


A facility, which is under development and is pending licensing by the state of Indiana. Once licensed by the State of Indiana, this facility no longer qualifies for Associate status and will move to Voting member status (and dues structure).

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Vendor Associate

Annual Dues:  $550.00

Those persons eligible to become Associates of the Corporation that sell or potentially could sell services and/or products to ambulatory outpatient surgical centers. Vendor Associates will receive all relevant mailings and be eligible for reduced exhibiting fees at the spring and fall conferences and website ads.

For Vendor Associate Membership, please contact Matt Cooper - matt@wjweiser.com